“As the Director of the New England Eye Center and Chairman of Ophthalmology at Tufts University School of Medicine, I direct over 60 ophthalmologists working out of 8 offices and covering every subspecialty. iMedicWare addresses all of our needs in a seamless and accessible fashion. We are able to keep such a large network of locations and physicians running smoothly because of iMedicWare.” Jay S. Duker, M.D., Chairman of Ophthalmology
Tufts University; New England Eye Center
"What first caught my eye about iMedicWare was how much the software looks and flows like my paper charts do, with everything I need right in front of me on one page where I can find it. I also wanted to work with a company that was progressive, forward thinking, and adaptive to my needs. I think these guys understand that a great EMR most importantly allows physicians to continue to think and work in the unique way that makes their individual practice special rather than forcing them to adapt to a system that changes the way they approach the patient." Steven G. Safran, M.D., P.A.
“We have successfully used iMedicWare for over 3 years and found it to be user friendly for surgeons, anesthesiologists, and staff. The transition from paper to iMedicWare was surprisingly simple.” Richard J. Mackool, M.D.
The Mackool Eye Institute, LLC
“I use both iMedicWare's EMR and Surgery Center software. I love how all the patient information is shared between both systems and how iASC audits everything required for surgery automatically in real-time. Managing pre-op and post-op procedures has never been easier.” Sydney L. Tyson, M.D., M.P.H.
Eye Associates SurgiCenter of Vineland
“One of the benefits that iMedicWare brings to the table is that it feels natural to use. The workflow perfectly aligns with my patient encounters and there isn’t a huge learning curve like I’ve found with other Ophthalmology EMR providers. I couldn’t be happier that we chose to use iMedicWare.” Brian Wnorowski, M.D.
Shore Eye Associates
“As the President of a medical billing company specializing in Ophthalmology, I had the opportunity to demo all of the recommended EMR and practice management systems available in the market today. We ultimately selected iMedicWare based on the ease of transition from our legacy system, competitive pricing, and customer responsiveness/service level. From a n management perspective, the system allows us to clearly track among other things, days in AR and physician productivity, which are key indicators in our business. The support team at iMedicWare has been instrumental in easing our transition to the new system and providing individualized support to address practice or physician specific concerns.” Neil S. Levinbook, Esq.,
Chief Operating Officer of Vision Center Network of America.
Long Island Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC
“I’m grateful to have found iMedicWare. Patient processing has never been faster and more accurate, and our clinic is seamlessly integrated with our ASC which allows our providers to give the best possible care. iMedicWare has an intuitive design that allows us to be more efficient than we've ever been. On top of that, iMedicWare's well designed database & direct integration with the IRIS registry makes our practice's worries about PQRS a thing of the past - critical for meeting the future MACRA & MIPS requirements. As someone who has implemented other ophthalmic EHRs in the past, I’d recommend iMedicWare to any practice unsatisfied with their current EHR.” Daniel Chambers, MBA, COE
Key Whitman Eye Center
President of the ASOA
“Six months ago, we made the switch to iMedicWare. My scribe is faster, coding easier, reviewing previous visits are a breeze, and there are far fewer clicks. I’ve found it’s easier to make all of the essential clinical decisions with the entire exam presented before me on screen. I was getting very tired of constantly clicking through multiple templates to review the chart. On our old server based EMR, images and screens would take forever to load. It’s no longer an issue. We are incredibly happy with our decision to switch to iMedicWare.” Kenneth Otto, M.D.
Shoreline Vision
“Our biggest concern with conversion to an EHR system was the inevitable drop in productivity. We had heard that everyone else with an EHR in place state they lost 20-30% of their revenue because it slows them down and effects the way they operate. That hasn’t happened since we’ve implemented iMedicWare. After iMedicWare came and set-up our platform, many of our providers were up and going in minimal time. At this point, documentation is second nature and iMedicWare continues to provide excellent product support.” William Trotter, M.D.,
Miramar Eye Specialists Medical Group