October 16, 2017
Dear Customers,

I wanted to be the first to share with you some exciting news that will shape the future of eye care for your practice. We are pleased to announce that iMedicWare is now part of Eye Care Leaders (ECL). You are a valued customer, so we want to share our thoughts regarding the tremendous benefits you will see from this partnership, and outline what you can expect in your relationship with both iMedicWare and Eye Care Leaders.

First and foremost, you won’t experience any changes in using iMedicWare. ECL is partnering with us because they recognize our cloud-based technology as a comprehensive, cutting edge and proven technology solution. Both iMedicWare and Eye Care Leaders are committed to bringing the best technology and solutions to our customers with outstanding results, so the partnership is a great fit. Our relationship with a well-established company like Eye Care Leaders allows us to make investments in iMedicWare that will help us evolve to meet the changing needs of your practice. As a testament to those investments and the plan for iMedicWare, ECL has chosen to have iMedicWare power their flagship product set. More information on this will be delivered soon. We are very excited that ECL has recognized the tremendous power and efficacy of iMedicWare in the eye care market, and this was one of our primary reasons for collaborating.

Second, I want to ensure you are aware that there is no change in the iMedicWare management team. In fact, I will be serving as ECL’s President of Software and Technology and will continue to serve this leadership capacity, both as it pertains to iMedicWare, as well as with other ECL software offerings. Your current contacts remain the same, and in many cases, support will be increased and enhanced. We know you will be pleased with the upcoming additions to your support team.

One of the unique features of this partnership is that both iMedicWare and Eye Care Leaders are solely focused on the needs of eye care professionals and the challenges they face amidst a highly competitive environment and growing regulations. In the coming months, you will learn more about ECL’s existing portfolio of practice management solutions which extend beyond EMRs to include revenue cycle solutions, analytics and benchmarking, patient retention and acquisition, and other operationally-focused solutions. These are the kinds of services that, when combined with iMedicWare, will help your practice grow and thrive.

We will be reaching out to you soon to answer any questions you might have about our partnership and what it means for you, and we welcome your input in the process. Additionally, both iMedicWare and Eye Care Leaders will be available at the upcoming AAO conference in November, and we welcome you to stop by and meet the team. Thank you for being a valued customer, and we look forward to continue serving all of your business needs during this exciting evolution.

Best Regards,
Arun Kapur
President, Software and Technology
Eye Care Leaders
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