i Optical

Optical Inventory Management Module

Operationalize Optical.

Whether you have a small practice optical shop or multiple retail locations, iOptical provides the tools to manage your entire inventory from a single location. Know what you have, where it is, and where it needs to go - all at your fingertips.

Optical Inventory Management

iOptical allows you to manage the inventory for all your optical shop and practice locations from a single interface. Managers can maintain their manufacturers and vendor lists with ease. Daily tasks such as adding new stock to your inventory or taking an audit of current stock are handled efficiently thanks to iMedicWare’s barcoding and search features.

Medication Inventory Management

iOptical also has an inventory management system for medications. Some treatments, such as retinal injections, can be extremely expensive and difficult to monitor. With iOptical, practices can easily manage high cost medication inventories.

Complete Inventory Management

Detailed tracking and management of every aspect of your office and optical shop:

Patient Sales Module

Reviewing patient prescriptions and creating new orders is a snap! While patients browse your optical shop, their demographics, insurance, prescription information, and past orders are readily available at your fingertips. Using the POS module, you can create an order for the patient with their complete requirements, including lenses, contacts, medications, accessories, and then create a super bill that transfers directly into iDoc.

Integration with iMedicareWare’s EMR/EPM Module

iOptical is integrated with iMedicWare’s EMR/EPM Module, making patient prescriptions easily accessible. Order fulfillment is tracked and updated into one holistic view for easy access by physicians, staff, and patients.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

iOptical offers many powerful reports that allow you to effectively manage the optical shop. These provide control, oversight and boost the efficiency of stock control procedures.

Frames Data Integration

iOptical is fully integrated with Frames Data, eliminating time-consuming data entry of frame measurements, UPC codes, and wholesale pricing. Frames Data also enables your optical shop to present full color frame images, automatically calculate retail pricing, and generate detailed reports to gain insight and maximize profit.