Hosting Solutions

iMedicWare offers an IntraCloud (locally-hosted server solution) at the practice as well as a cloud based solution so that practices can have iMedicWare's full functionality on all internet-ready devices. This enables all users to acces the system anywhere independent of hardware choice. Users can operate this system from any internet-ready device, in any location, since it's completely browser-based. It's the best of all possible worlds.


Is My Practice Data Secure In The Cloud?

Yes, your data is safe. In fact, your data is typically safer in the cloud than sitting in your own data center. User access to software and information on the cloud can be securely controlled. In addition, cloud service providers implement thorough intrusion detection software, protection systems and advance encryption techniques to ensure data remains secure.

What Is SOC And What Does That Mean For My EMR?

A Service Organization Control (SOC) report is an internal control of a service provider by a third-party organization, which offers necessary information that addresses potential outcomes associated with a service. For electronic medical records, third-party organizations can provide a SOC 2 report that meets HIPAA compliance requirements regarding administrative, physical and technical safeguards of your data. Every organization you entertain as a cloud provider should be able to share this information with you.

Is My Data Monitored 24/7?

Yes, your data is monitored with a myriad of sophisticated tools designed to minimize or eliminate downtime. More advanced providers, such as MedNetwoRx, have dedicated teams available to assist you.

How Is My Data Backed Up?

If needed, a copy of your data is typically stored on an off-site server, on your local computer server or in a secure vault.

Cost Effective.

Is It Less Expensive To Use A Cloud Based EMR?

Yes, using a cloud-based system is typically more cost-effective because there is little or no physical hardware to install, which also reduces maintenances costs. Also, cloud providers are able to leverage significant economies of scale that are not typically available to a smaller organization, such as reduced costs for technical expertise and license costs.

How Scalable Is Using an EMR on the Cloud?

Because cloud storage space can constantly expand to add additional patient data, cloud-based EMR systems are highly scalable without the limitations of physical equipment or hardware.

Enterprise Level Access.

What makes using the cloud better?

Accessibility and ease-of-use are the primary advantages of the cloud. With a cloud-based EMR system, all doctors and staff members will be able to access data via any device throughout the office simultaneously. The cloud provides on-demand service that is not limited by your technology and hardware constraints.