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iMedicWare's full functionality on all internet ready devices enables all users to access the system anywhere

iMedicWare's robust EMR can track practice performance, alleviate inefficiencies, and let the physician concentrate on highest quality patient care

iMedicWare's technology enhances image management with full DICOM Integration and Dynamic Drawing tools


iMedicWare's full functionality on all internet-ready devices enables all users to access the system anywhere

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i MedicWare Mobile ClinicTM App

iMedicWare proudly unveils the next evolution of EHR system, an application for the iPad TM. This app is specially designed for iMedicWare's award-wining EHR system, and is compatible with iPads of every generation.

This app gives physicians the ability to quickly and easily interact with their EHR system, providing them the opportunity to take care of their practice's needs without having to be near a computer or telephone. It will save practices valuable time and effort, speed up the way that charts are reviewed, and allow for physicians to spend less time on the computer and more time face-to-face with their patients.

"As the Director of New England Eye Center and Chairman of Ophthalmology at Tufts University School of Medicine, I direct over 60 ophthalmologists working out of 8 offices and covering every subspeciality. iMedicWare addresses all of our needs in a seamless and acceptible fashion. We are able to keep such a large network of locations and physicians running smoothly because of iMedicWare." Jay S. Duker, M.D., Chairman of Ophthalmology
Tufts University; New England Eye Center


iMedicWare's robust EMR can track practice performance, alleviate inefficiencies, and let the physician concentrate on providing the highest quality patient care

Every Second Counts.

iMedicWare offers an EMR solution that is designed to support the way you work. It expedites the documentation of each and every encounter so that you can continue to provide the same high standard of care to your patients as you always have.

Reactive Flow Sheets

Vital patient information automatically gets generated into easy-to-read Glaucoma, Retinal, Refractive or Procedure Flow Sheets, allowing physicians to access everything in a single screen. Retinal Flow Sheets allow the physician to monitor the number of injections as well as the intermittent intervals between treatments.

Comprehensive Information, Included.

iMedicWare harnesses the best and most assistive elements of our clients' templates, assessments and plans (A&Ps) and SMARTTM Charting entries. That information is then synthesized into the software to offer a robust, comprehensive and pre-loaded solution. New users can benefit from the breadth of knowledge imparted by our expert client base. All pre-loaded information is then fully customizable to suit each practices' unique needs.

Surescripts integration

iMedicWare seamlessly integrates with Surescripts so that electronic prescriptions (eRx) are imported into the software to ensure that all eRxs are fully documented without requiring any data-entry or information provided by the patient.

Patient at a Glance

A single, comprehensive screen displays the patient's previous clinical information, including pertinent Medical History, Vision, Observations, Care Plans, and RX History, allowing for a quick review before the patient's visit.


iMedicWare's SMART TM features make charting easy, even for the most complex patient encounters. It allows the clinical staff to view and chart a patient's pertinent information quickly and efficiently. Adaptable to every internet-ready-device, your staff can feel comfortable accessing patient information on all computers, tablets, and mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

i Portal

iPortal has redefined the meaning of patient access. Not only does it provide the patient access to their clinical and demographic information, but it also provide practitioners with a marketing analysis platform to better understand their patients' behaviors.

Accessible. Secure. Personalized.

iPortal allows the patient to access their physician's practice on any device, update all of their information, view their prescriptions and statements, and even communicate with their physician using secure messaging. The portal also provides each patient access to their specific educational materials. It is a completely secure and encrypted platform which allows only your patients to create an account.

iPortal can easily be customized to fit your practice's needs and can be used to help understand your patients' needs and requirements, helping provide better patient care while providing valuable information to both new and existing patients.

End to End Revenue Management Solution

Whether you have a small practice or a large organization containing multiple surgery centers and optical shops, managing the revenue cycle is one of the most challenging aspects of running a practice. From handling reconciliation, eliminating denied claims, or flagging/ collecting insurance underpayments, iMedicWare is your one-stop solution to solve any revenue cycle challenges you are currently facing.

"What first caught my eye about iMedicWare was how much the software looks and flows like my paper charts do, with everything I need right in front of me on one page where I can find it. I also wanted to work in a company that was progressive, forward thinking, and adaptive to my needs. I think these guys understand that a great EMR most importantly allows physicians to continue to think and work in the unique way that makes their individual practice special rather than forcing them to adapt to a system that changes the way they approach the patient." Steven G. Safran, M.D., P.A.


iMedicWare's technology enhances image management with full DICOM integration and dynamic Drawing tools

In Sight

iMedicWare's technology enhances image management with full DICOM Integration and Dynamic Drawing tools.

DICOM Integration

iDoc's SMARTTM technology manages the modality of ophthalmic testing equipment and automatically imports testing image once the tests and/or studies have been completed.

Video Integration

iMedicWare's software enables the physician to record video live from their device and immediately import it directly into their patient's chart notes and test interpretations.

Audio Integration

Physicians can directly record dictation from their mobile device, translating it into usable and editable text.

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